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What You Need to Know about the New National Disability Insurance Scheme

by Anna Campos

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is intended to provide funding advice, support and services to a significant number of Australians who may have significant and permanent disabilities. The scheme is also intended to provide these individuals with information and connections to various service providers who are based in the local community. If you are just learning about this solution, you may be wondering how service providers can help you and what their role in the programme is, so what do you need to know?

Service Providers

Service providers can be registered with the NDIS or may also be unregistered, but their primary goal must be to meet the objectives of those covered by the plan. Typically, scheme participants will look for service providers when they sign up for the NDIS, or they can review their needs annually and make alterations at that time.

Providers will offer experience and expertise in their business product or service area and will aim to meet the circumstances and needs of the individual. What they bring forward must represent value for money and they must be able to make their location accessible for those with disabilities.

Provider Categories

For example, service or support will be offered in areas such as transportation, consumables, modifications to the home, assistive technology, improvements in living arrangements, community or social participation, sourcing/keeping a job, health, learning and relationships. Within such categories are many individual types of service or support, and each one will trigger a price as registered with the NDIS.


The programme is being rolled out across Australia and will arrive in the various states and territories in due course. When it does so, it is intended that it will replace the existing support or services provided by local governments.


There are certain intermediaries in place, as well, to help individuals build and then manage their connections with support agents. The individuals will be able to call on a plan manager to deal with funding and budgets or to support coordinators (to help with assessment and choice).

Further Information

If you're looking for further information about NDIS service providers, then you may be able to get in touch with one of these intermediaries for further information. Most of these intermediaries will be able to tell you when the solution will arrive in your area, and they can then help you choose relevant service providers for your needs.